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The Winter Holidays are Upon Us – Light Up Your Home!

As much as we love stepping out, parties that are hosted in the home have that extra layer of ‘warmth’. We end up kicking off our shoes, laughing all evening while telling each other stories, and snoozing with the dog under a blanket next to the fireplace (well, at least at our house).

Lighting up your home becomes all the more important – here are a few reminders on how lighting can make your home a more comfortable and warm place to hang during the holidays.


In the kitchen – the centre of all the action, the turkey carving, and the late night cups of tea… be sure to have the proper pendant lighting in place so you aren’t outshone and over-heated by the pot lights, but so that you can cook your way through a meal with cool calmness and clarity.


You never know when your next guest will arrive…and end up staying over. Be it a surprise holiday visitor, or that cousin of yours that drank too much eggnog and fell asleep on the sofa. Make sure your guest bedroom is fresh and ready for holiday crashers.

Finally – hallway lighting! It’s so important that your home is ‘finished’ with proper lights in the hallways and staircases. You’ll want to make sure your path is a-light when you sneak into the kitchen for that left-over dessert!