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RENEW Gallery Plays Host to Your Special Events

Sometimes the local watering hole just won’t cut it (a blooming onion isn’t as classy as it sounds) – and let’s face it, you don’t really feel like asking Aunt Gladys’s if you can use her precious garden gazebo…again…

RENEW Gallery is excited to announce it will now be renting out the main showroom for private events. We’ve played host to sit down dinners, cocktail parties, birthday surprises, speaking engagements and fundraisers – and now feel confidant to host YOUR special event.

Enjoy the open concept of the RENEW Gallery showroom, and the glitter and glow of our turn of the century show-stopping chandeliers (no décor necessary) – or make the space into anything you so desire.

For booking inquiries and rates, please contact Louisa at 604.872.3131 or Louisa@renewgallery.com

If you are looking for something even more show stopping – make sure you check out our sister company, The Permanent at www.thepermanent.ca

MAIN SHOWROOM 20141213_Renew_Gallery-8271