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RENEW Gallery Approved Upgrades for Your Home

In leu of the upcoming “New Years Resolutions speech”… we’re going to focus on actual, tactile design upgrades…not for you – for your home. We know that in the New Year, we crave to start projects that can happen quickly, and mark an instant change – find some great ideas below on upgrades that every home deserves. Oh, and when you are avoiding going to the gym – you can blame it on us… wink wink.

Appropriate Wall Art: Aside from a calendar and your children’s preschool water-colours, your walls deserve something of permanence and interest. I love to select art for my walls based on questions like: Can I live with this for along period of time? Does it give me pleasure to keep looking at and discovering this piece? Sometimes the answers lead to deciding on vintage movie posters to decorate a room or hallway, or period paintings to hang over mantles – and sometimes you will arrive at completely a-typical solutions for unique wall art like my favourite (currently on the walls of the gallery right now) the Painted Rhinoceros Circus Carousel Section.

Small Space Lighting: when home renovations are near complete – it’s easy for small spaces to fly off of your radar. Spaces like your walk-in closets, guest washrooms, and pantries can all too often be left with an exposed socket and bulb. Upgrade by selecting lighting for these spaces that extends and enhances the architecture of your home.

Period Hardware: Sometimes we move in to a heritage home that has been stripped down and left without its original doors, windows, and other hardware accoutrement – or inversely, we’ll design a period home and forget that the finishing’s can truly complete a period look. Make sure you find proper heritage style doorknobs, windows and doors that truly flesh out your period style.