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Reflecting on a New Space…

After settling in after our move, owners Eric and Judith Cohen take a moment to reflect on our new surroundings here at RENEW Gallery:

A glance into the RENEW Gallery space

A glance into the RENEW Gallery space

Since being here, we’ve spoken a lot about the idea of mixing new and old, modern spaces hosting decorative antiques and architectural details.

What are some of your thoughts on this? What do you think people should realize about combining old and new?

Eric: I think it’s important when people choose something they are going to be living with; the objects need to personally appeal to them. Also, if you’re incorporating older pieces in to new spaces – you want particularly high quality. The workmanship, and craftsmanship [of a piece] will really stand out in a modern space. Just because something is old, it doesn’t make it good.

Judith: What I have always felt over the last many years is that because our pieces are unique, individual and artistic in design they lend themselves to all environments. Right now there is a strong movement to go into mid-century modern look, as well as modular buildings and strong square structures – our pieces really stand out as l’objet d’art in these spaces. With our product, you can really fulfill all needs of light, sculpture, and art.

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Changing the lighting in a room can be the easiest way to renovate a space, both residentially or commercially – what are some of the easiest lights we have that you think can change the appearance of the average home or office?

Eric: A single drop pendant fixture with a pretty shade and an Edison bulb, which actually casts the light like sunshine as oppose to the harshness of a regular light bulb.

Judith: I just did this in my own dressing room area – I selected a crystal drop chandelier – lit it up and made the mood lush and elegant, it’s a whole new dressing room.

You can purchase reproduction lighting almost anywhere nowadays, what differentiates our product?

Eric: We don’t try and recreate the wheel. We’ve taken authentic pieces and have them cast. Were not redesigning them. We are using authentic period pieces, in the same quality or better. I don’t ever want to make a reproduction of inferior quality. The gage of the metal, the types of screws, its about reproducing the quality in all details…

Judith: Definitely the quality. The elements themselves are heavier; they are made by hand, and colored by hand, by one person who is an artisan.

Favorite thing about our new gallery space/new look:

Eric: It really showcases our quality pieces; getting them out of a cluttered space allows their beauty to be appreciated. When customers come in to see us in this space, we can really give them individual attention to their needs and wants.

Judith: I love our white envelope look with the wood ceiling; It represents the modern West coast look really well.

Owners Eric & Judith Cohen share their story…