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Reading Break! RENEW Gallery in Montecristo Summer 2013

Today was the perfect day for some summer reading. MONTECRISTO Magazine’s Summer 2013 has finally hit the stands and we are thrilled to read a feature on RENEW inside its beautifully designed pages.


After landing at our new showroom only a few months ago, we feel like this piece really gets it right:

“It may be a popular belief that treasure hunter extraordinaire Eric Cohen has retired. This is not true.” We just love that line about Eric… because true to his nature – a treasure hunter never stops collecting. Now, he is just focusing on the best, “I’ve been doing this for a little over 40 years now. I’m 64 and I started when I was a teenager, but I feel like I finally know my business… I finally know whats good”.

Pick up your own copy of MONTECRISTO Magazine here at RENEW Gallery, and visit our incredible collection.