“The Green Buddha” Movie Poster & Lobby Card

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Original studio stamped The Green Buddha (1955) along with a lobby card. Plot: International crook Tony Scott (Wolf Frees) and his partner, Casey O’Rourke (Percy Herbert), steal the “Green Buddha,” a priceless eastern-art object, while it is on a display-exhibition in London. Frees double-crosses Herbert and forces Wayne Morris, the owner of a small charter-plane company to fly him to Glasgow. During the flight, the two men struggle and the plane crashes. Morris then sets out to find the Buddha and claim the reward to pay for his wrecked plane. During his search, Morris meets and falls in love with nightclub singer Vivien Blake (Mary Germaine). The search for the fence who has the Buddha ends up a roller-coaster at an amusement park.

Measurements: Movie Poster: 27″W X 41″H Lobby Card: 14″W X 11″H

SKU: MP1045