“The Girl in Kremlin” Movie Poster

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Original studio stamped The Girl in Kremlin (1957) movie poster. This American thriller puts forth the premise that Joseph Stalin faked his own death in 1953 and then moved to Greece with a fortune in Soviet currency. Plot: In Moscow, four terrified women prisoners are brought to the office of Joseph Stalin who chooses Dasha, the smallest and most beautiful one, and punishes her by shaving off her long hair. Moment later, plastic surgeon Dr. Petrov transforms Stalin’s face so that it is unrecognizable. After his handlers announce publicly that Stalin has died. Stalin hides away with Greta Grisenko who serves as a nurse. Greta was taken from her home in Lithuania by Russian troops. Her sister Lili hired a private investigator Steve Anderson, an American living in Berlin, to find her. Steve discovers that Greta is working in Moscow and takes Lili to the home of Mischa Rimilkin, a one-armed espionage agent who reveals that Greta has been working for Petrov. They find Dasha who confides that Stalin has been surgically altered and is living clandestinely with Greta. They decide to force Stalin into action by announcing over the radio that he is in fact alive! Then the man hunt begins as love triangles form in the search to bring Greta home.

Measurements: 27″W X 41″H

SKU: MP1059

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