“Strange Intruder” Movie Poster & 7 Lobby Cards

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Original studio stamped Strange Intruder (1956) movie poster and 7 original lobby cards. Plot: During the Korean War, a soldier, Paul Quentin (Edmund Purdom) promises his dying buddy, Adrian Carmichael (Donald Murphy), that he’ll look after the man’s family when he gets home so that Carmichael’s children are not raised by another man, no matter what. He winds up getting more than he bargained for. Paul escapes from camp and is treated for trauma in a U.S. hospital for veterans. Having no family of his own, he visits the Carmichael’s and is made welcome. Alice (Ida Lupino) has ended her affair with Howard Gray (Jacques Bergerac), but he is blackmailing her. Paul becomes consumed with his friend’s last request and has terrible visions of killing Carmichael’s kids. After a fight with Gray, he comes to realize that a return to the VA hospital is necessary. Treated like a part of the family now, Paul believes his frightening promise to be a thing of the past.

Measurements: poster 27″W X 41″H / lobby cards 14″W X 11″H

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