“Shane” Movie Poster & Set of Lobby Cards

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Original studio stamped Shane (1953) movie poster along with a set of 8 original lobby cards and movie poster advertisement. This American Technicolor Western film from Paramount was produced and directed by George Stevens from a screenplay by A. B. Guthrie Jr. based on the 1949 novel, Shane, by Jack Schaefer. Its Oscar winning cinematography was by Loyal Griggs.
Plot: Shane (Alan Ladd), a drifter wearing buckskin and a six shooter, rides into an isolated valley in the sparsely settled state of Wyoming. A skilled gunslinger with a mysterious past, Shane is invited to dinner by homesteader Joe Starrett (Van Heflin) and his wife, Marian (Jean Arthur), and learns of an ongoing conflict between the valley’s homesteaders and the ruthless cattle baron Rufus Ryker (Emile Meyer), who is trying to drive the ranchers out of the valley and seize their land. Starrett offers Shane a job as a farmhand, and he accepts. Shane rides into a conflict between cattleman Ryker and a bunch of settlers, like the Starretts, whose land Ryker wants. When Shane beats up Ryker’s man Chris, Ryker tries to buy him. Then Shane and Joe take on the whole Ryker crew. Ryker sends to Cheyenne for truly evil gunslinger Wilson. We wonder about Shane’s relation to Joe’s wife Marian.

SKU: MP1025
Measurements: Poster (27″W X 41″H) Advertisement (27″W X 41″H) Lobby Cards (14″W X 11″H)