“Moscow Doesn’t Believe In Tears” Movie Poster

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Original Moscow Doesn’t Believe In Tears (1979) movie poster. Plot: Set in Moscow the plot centers on three young women who come to Moscow from smaller towns: Katerina, Lyudmila, and Antonina. Antonina is seeing Nikolai, a reserved but kind young man whose parents have a dacha in the country. Katerina is a serious, upstanding woman who strives to earn her chemistry degree while working. Lyudmila, a flirty go-getter looking for a well-to-do husband. They throw a dinner party at which Lyudmila meets Sergei, a famous hockey player, who falls in love with her and marries her even after discovering the truth about her origin. Katerina meets Rudolf, a smooth talker who works as a cameraman for a TV channel, he charms her but then rapes her and she falls pregnant and is left alone with the baby. The film then take a 20-year leap forward in time. Katerina is still single but is the executive director of a large factory. Sergei has quit playing hockey and become an alcoholic and Lyudmila has divorced him. Antonina is still happily married with three children. Katerina then meets and falls for a tool-and-die maker Gosha and soon after Rudolph reenters her life when he is sent to interview her. As the love triangles form we wonder, will she be able to forgive Rudolph after all these years?

Measurements: 28″W X 42″H

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