“King Richard and the Crusaders” Movie Poster

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Original studio stamped King Richard and the Crusaders (1954) movie poster. Historical drama film made by Warner Brothers. Plot: In 1911, King Richard (George Sanders) the Lionhearted, along with several other European monarchs, is in the Holy Land intent on retaking Jerusalem from the Saracens. There is much infighting and outright treachery in the European encampment encampment however. Two nobles in particular, Sir Giles Amaury (Robert Douglas) and Conrad of Montferrat (Michael Pate), want to eliminate the English king and attempt to have him assassinated. Severely wounded and on his death bed, Richard is brought back to health by a Saracen doctor recruited by one of his loyal knights, Sir Kenneth (Laurence Harvey) of the Leopard. The king recovers from his wounds but when he hears that Sir Lawrence wishes to marry Lady Edith Plantagenet (Virginia Mayo), the knight is banished only to be taken in by the very doctor who treated the king and who has an altogether different identity.

Measurements: 27″W X 41″H

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