“High Tide at Noon” Movie Poster & Set of Lobby Cards

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Original studio stamped High Tide at Noon (1957) movie poster along with a set of 8 original lobby cards and small poster advertisement.
Plot: On an island off of the coast of Nova Scotia, the lifestyle of lobster fishermen is rugged but contented. The fishermen rent their homes and businesses from the Mackenzies, a wealthy family by whom much of the island is owned. They work hard, but they enjoy their work, and they love no place more than they love their island. Joanna (Betta St. John), daughter to the Mackenzies, has returned to the island after a couple of years away at school on the mainland. She’s 17 years old and attracts the attention of many suitors: the rebellious “trash,” Simon Breck (Patrick McGoohan); the nice guy, Nils Sorenson (Michael Craig); and the poet, Alec Douglas (William Sylvester). Simon is demanding and disrespectful, and Joanna only sees Nils as a brother-figure, so she quickly falls in love with Alec and marries him. Unfortunately, this choice between suitors leads Joanna down a path of destruction when Alec turns out to have a gambling addiction and quickly uses up all of their savings. As Joanna struggles, so do the lobster fishermen who live on the island as their fishing begins to suffer. The jealousies and loves of the islanders unfold at a casual pace until economic necessity drives them to the mainland.
SKU: MP1005
Measurements: Poster (27″W X 41″H) Advertisement (16″W X 22″H) Lobby Cards (14″W X 11″H)