“Hell On Devil’s Island” Movie Poster

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Original studio stamped Hell On Devil’s Island (1957) movie poster. Plot: Written by Steven Ritch, based on an unpublished story by Arndt and Ethel Gius. Paul Rigaud (Helmut Dantine), a former journalist, is released from unjustly imprisonment on infamous Devil’s Island and, embittered by the cruelty he has seen, refuses to aid Governor Renault (Robert Cornthwaite), who wishes to close the prison and aid the inmates. Bayard (William Talman), the brutal prison warden, aids wealthy Jacques Boucher (Peter Adams) in a scheme to get cheap labor by forcing prisoners into debt and then sending them to Boucher’s plantation to work in a secret gold mine. Rigaud and his friend Lulu learn of the mine and succeed in killing or capturing those responsible for the reign of terror. The prison is closed and Rigaud wins a pardon and the governor’s daughter, Giselle (Donna Martell).

Measurements: 27″W X 41″H
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