“Father Came Too” Movie Poster & 7 Lobbys Cards

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Original Father Came Too (1964) movie poster along with a set of 7 original lobby cards. Plot: A British comedy film directed by Peter Graham Scott. A young married couple, Dexter (Stanley Baxter) and Juliet Munro (Sally Smith), experience difficulties doing up a cottage, and are hindered by the wife’s father. Juliet’s father offers help from a reputable building firm, but this help is refused by Dexter who wants to remain independent of Juliet’s father. Dexter sees an ad in the local paper and employs Josh (Ronnie Barker) to do the work, the house is finished but eventually burns down because of Juliet’s father who changes the fuses from 15 amp to 30 amp, causing the fire. Roddy (Leslie Phillips) saves the day telling Dexter and Juliet that the council are building a motorway on their land so they can sell at a profit, and gives them the keys to a cottage in the adjoining field requiring no work.

Measurements: 27″W X 41″H

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