“Black 13” Movie Poster

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Original studio stamped Black 13 (1953) movie poster. British crime drama film directed by Ken Hughes, a remake of the 1948 Italian film Gioventu Perduta (Lost Youth) by Pietro Germi. Plot: Stephen (Peter Reynolds) is the screwed-up son of a college professor who turns to a life of crime after killing a pedestrian in an automobile accident. His crime spurt is petty until one results in the killing of the night watchman at the college. Claire (Rona Anderson), secretary to the professor, is heads-over about Reynolds but he is more interested in a night club entertainer. Reynolds, keeping with the family-affair motif, meets a bad end while being pursued by an undercover agent who is his sister’s boyfriend. The title refers to a roulette-wheel call.

Measurements: 27″W X 41″H

SKU: MP1093

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