“Bis Dass Das Geld Euch Scheidet” Movie Poster

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Original Bis Dass Das Geld Euch Scheidet (English title: Until Money Departs You) (1960) movie poster. This German film drama was directed by Alfred Vohrer.

Plot: Jupp Grapsch (Gert Frobe), a robust man of about fifty, is a typical upstart of the economic miracle . His wife Lisabeth (Luise Ullrich), a simple person feels uncomfortable in their newly acquired. After Jupp stay’s out late with his lover the extravagant Nina Sonntag (Christiene Neilsen) Lisbeth loses her patience and punches him in the face. Jupp sees this as a opportunity to file for divorce which Lisbeth vocalizes objection too. As the two but heads what will unfold in this tale of betrayal?

Measurements: 23″W X 33″H

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