Adam Style Sconces with Restored Silver Plate Finish – Quantities Available


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Circa 1923 This is a group of nine wonderful original “Adam Style” wall sconces. With a restored silver plate finish and new wiring, they are ready to hand. There is a set of eight (matching) and one (very sightly) odd duck (see group photos. The Adam style (or Adamesque and “Style of the Brothers Adam”) is an 18th-century neoclassical style of interior design and architecture, as practised by three Scottish brothers

The Adam brothers were the first to advocate an integrated style for architecture and interiors; with walls, ceilings, fireplaces, furniture, fixtures, fittings and carpets all being designed by the Adams as a single uniform scheme. The proper term for this style of architecture and furniture is the “Style of the Adam Brothers.”

The Adam style found its niche from the late 1760s in upper-class and middle-class residences in 18th-century. SKU WS1052

Measurements: 7.5″H x 6.5″ Depth x 5.5″ W