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Antique Ceiling Lights

From Foyer Chandeliers to Vintage Pendant Lighting, Victorian row houses to industrial lofts, we have the ideal antique ceiling lights for virtually any space. We carry an extensive selection of antique chandeliers, vintage pendant lights, and classic pan style ceiling lights. We also have a full range of flush-mount lighting and an assortment of ceiling lights in our Reproduction Lighting collection. Remember to browse our collection of antique sconces to find complementary wall lighting for just about any project, and of course we will always adjust the length of virtually any light to your ceiling height specifications, at no added cost to you.

Select the perfect ceiling light for your space from our collection below and purchase it online. If you have any questions or concerns before ordering, give us a call at 1-604-872-3131, or use our contact form for an online response.

*Please note that light bulbs are typically neither sold separately, nor included with your purchase.