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Private Spaces: Bedroom, Bathroom, and Dressing-Room lighting to be enjoyed by you…

When renovating the home, the bulk of design dollars end up being spent on the rooms that others see. The kitchen, dining room, and foyer are all very understandable spaces to elevate with style and décor. We want our homes to look presentable, and be welcoming and inviting; however, a home is to be enjoyed – even when it is just you, and your live-in loved ones.

We wanted to remind you to set aside some time, and a portion of your budget for those spaces that aren’t always seen by everyone that enters. Leave room in your design for the bedrooms, bathrooms, and dressing rooms, you will be thankful that you did. So, take a look at some lights that don’t swallow you’re entire budget – but are guaranteed to enhance the more private areas of your home.

For the bathroom we love this 1920s era shower light. I think it would look amazing juxtaposed in a super industrial style washroom with concrete walls and floors, and of course would be fitting to a heritage style space.


The dressing room needs just the right lights… nothing to large and showy, but something with a subtle elegance that elevates your look as you navigate your wardrobe. This Early American Sheffield light with crystals adds the perfect touch. One could also choose a chrome finish for a brighter and more contemporary look.

…If crystals aren’t your taste, this stunning bare-bulb light contains the perfect eclectic touch.


The bedroom may be a private space, but we can all agree it is the most important room in the house. Choose something that gives you the right light, as well as a look that you love; something you want to live with from sunrise to sunset. We’ve picked a few…

Carved alabaster is perfect for a guest bedroom – something beautifully crafted, with a welcoming soft glow. A classic turn of the century light fixture with milk glass is an elegant way to light a bedroom or a nursery.


For the master bedroom we chose this early 20th century French Crystal basket light, inviting a warmth and decadence to the bedroom. You could match it with the décor – or keep your lines minimal and clean to let this light fixture standout as the focal point.