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Midsummer’s Light

You may still be wearing your cardigan if you live here in Vancouver – or cranking up the a/c if you reside in Toronto or New York; either way, its Summer and we are all spending more time outside, in the garden or on the porch – hanging ‘around’ our homes rather than inside them.

Outside lighting is so important. The lights you have outside your home improve street appeal, and is the first thing to set-off any first impressions. Outside lighting also alights our evenings when we have those mid-summer nights on the porch with a book, or dinners al fresco with our dearest friends.

We recently launched our Reproduction Collection online – and think that it contains some of the best solutions for outdoor lighting.

Shine a light on those numbers, making your home a welcoming destination with a sconce by the doorway.


Wrap yourself in a blanket and read by the light of the moon on the porch, with a little help from a double-arm sconce, or pendant light fixture.


Remember, even back doors need proper lighting too. Choose something subtle that still complements the aesthetic of your home.


For more lighting inspiration, browse our collection online….