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Inspired by… The Farmhouse Sink

Inasmuch as we hate doing the dishes – we LOVE a good farmhouse sink. These cast iron sinks are often coated in white enamel and have a deep basin making washing the dishes and produce a little more of a pleasure. Not only are they exceptionally roomy and functional – but they fall perfectly into place with any country style or heritage kitchen.

Whether you have a modern home with heritage accents or are staying traditional the whole way through – the farmhouse sink makes for a unique an grounding focal point for the kitchen.

Inspired by this favourite appliance, we’ve done some lighting pairings for the country kitchen with the farmhouse sink. For above the sink we chose this reproduction pendant fixture with a milk glass ‘acorn’ shade, and for above a kitchen table or breakfast nook we chose this antique light fixture with patterned milk glass bowl complete with four additional milk glass shades. Hanging at the same length, with matching coloured hardware – we think this pairing is worth doing the dishes for…