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February Antique Lighting Online Only Auction

February Antique Lighting Online Only Auction
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New Year, New Beginnings!  On February 27, Renew Gallery is presenting a vast collection of fully restored antique light fixtures from notable makers such as Beardslee, Mitchell Vance and Co, McKenney of Boston, Edward Miller, E.F. Caldwell and many more.  In addition, there will be a number of exceptional quality glass pieces from Daum Nancy, Legras presentation piece, and many more.  Special featured is our owner’s enormous 40-year collection of antique door hardwares from notable maker such as Sargent & Co. and other quality makers.  Also featured are rare and important bronze pieces from Edgar Brandt, Isidore Bonheur, Alexander Morlon, and Alfred Dubacand, as well as valuable numismatic sets, silver pieces, paintings, movie posters, and many more unique and varied treasures.  Auction starts at 11am on February 27.  SAVE THE DATE!  Register early to bid on your favourite items!