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Enhance the design in these 3 Rooms, by Simply Changing the Light

With this rainy spring in Vancouver it’s tough not to want to get cozy inside with a cup of tea and a book…

Most of our clients this month are doing just that. Spending quality time at home, and focusing on the little things they can do to make spending time inside their spaces even more enjoyable.

Changing the lighting in these three, often-forgot areas of your home could have more impact in making your house a home than you realize…


The Breakfast Nook.

There is nothing worse that glaringly poor lighting when waking up with your coffee and newspaper in hand. This Arts & Crafts monk’s head light fixture guarantees a smile – even if you aren’t a morning person. Ca. 1905 attributed to the “Toledo Chandelier Company”, the lifelike quality (and comedic expression) of these four grimacing monks adds incredibly unique character to a space. Finished in a chocolate-bronze, this light brings a weight and hardiness to any kitchen, or any interior for that matter.


The Study.

Home studies, or library rooms are meant for devouring our most favorite books, pouring over our coin collections, whispering secrets to our closest confidants, and of course putting our feet up with a nice glass of scotch after a long days work… even taking a cat nap here and there… enrich this most-favorite room with a historic choice – this exotic “Oxley, Giddings, & Enos” Arabic Revival Light Fixture.

This formerly gas-run fixture’s canopy is an Islamic prayer bowl and the body is decorated with hand punched animal figures. This particular Moroccan/Egyptian piece was made in America using exotic components- a massive trend during this period. This ornate and sculptural light infuses a sense of exotic warmth into its setting.


The Guest-room.

When decorating a guestroom, we always aim to strike a balance between giving someone we care for a comfortable space to land, and call home for a while – while also showcasing our own unique style by carrying over our personal tastes and aesthetics throughout.

This “Miller” Colonial Revival 4-light fixture strikes that balance perfectly; it’s satin bronze finish, and re-cast art glass shades, provide a glowing warmth to its surroundings – while it’s elegant ornamentation, and sophisticated elongated look infuses just the right amount of style into a guestroom… You may have someone stay over who never wants to leave.