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Decorative Arts and the Details that Make them Sing…

Beauty is in the details, we all know this – but so is interest. When it comes to the decorative art pieces that we choose to dress our homes with, it’s a wonderful idea to select the works that keep on giving.

We all know that an immaculately done carving, or a beautifully cast bronze speaks volumes in quality – but the most value is always in that of a great subject.

For example, in this newly acquired W. Hemsley painting, “The Ghost Story” (circa. 19th Century) – we just adore the expression on the children’s faces as they read a frightening tale. The look on the little boy’s face is priceless… every time we experience this painting; we find a new detail to enjoy.

This Painted ‘Rhinoceros’ Circus Carousel Section (circa. 1890) likely originated on the side of a circus carousel maintains an original, untouched patina – and a wonderful depiction of a Rhino in the wild. Our imagination runs wild every time we think about this piece in its original setting. This exciting work of folk art is surely a conversation starter.

Paul Dubois’ “Burnt Fingers” bronze (circa. 1829), depicts a monk nursing burnt fingers in his mouth, having dropped the thurible. Not only is this an excellent looking bronze – but what character, movement, and emotion it evokes! Whoever looks upon this fellow always has a chuckle.