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Around here… ‘Original’ means… the real thing.

Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words… and however cliché that sounds… its true in our case.

Its sometimes difficult to express (without tooting our own horn too loudly) how incredibly rare and special our light fixtures can be.

Luckily, we are not only collectors and restorers of fine period lighting, but we happen to be collectors of history as well. We are so lucky to have the original catalogues originally published by high-end period lighting manufacturers, and we’ve has some of them carefully restored as well (and in our showroom if you ever care to take a peek).

Most of these catalogues displayed examples of what these manufacturers were able to do in terms of lighting construction and design, but often the consumer would request a more bespoke product… the body of this fixture, with the arms of a another… you get the idea.

Much like if you were to as a jewellery designer to custom something exactly to your tastes.

So, that being said – it is very exciting as we examine these relics, page after page… and see an uncanny match… the genuine article, if you will.

For more details on this incredible “GIBSON” Louis XV Chandelier, click here…