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Architectural Happenings that We Love Right Now

Being one with nature…Having a Green Home. Both aesthetically and in practice – this article from Design Boom features this incredible green-minded property.

I love how the architecture of the house uses the familiar ‘barn roof’ shape, but shifts and undulates to mimic the green mountains and hills of the surrounding environment.

While also having a green-roof, this architectural design combines concepts of old and new, and incorporates nature into the mix. Wow. This is one home we would love to housesit.

Read more about this incredible green home here.

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Staircases. Yep… your route up and down the levels of your home does not have to be wasted design space – make it interesting.

Look at some of these in incredibly designed staircases that would have you doing stairs in no time (goodbye Stair-master).

(Side-note: one way we LOVE to enhance design along a stair case is to create a light-box in the wall and insert a fabulous piece of stained glass, if you aren’t ready for that kind of a commitment, take some fabulous decorative sconces into consideration)

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Last but not least, Kitchen Islands – the Kitchen is always the heart of the home, with warm scents wafting, and family gathering to catch up on life.

A superbly designed kitchen island is a must. We love this slideshow from Houzz, and of course think that any Kitchen Island is unfinished without excellent pendant lighting.

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