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An Exceptional Collection Evolves

We warmly invite you to experience our exceptional collection of luxury lighting and fine antiques, distributed worldwide. For almost 40 years, RENEW Gallery (formerly Vancouver Architectural Antiques) has been restoring high-end period antique lighting, and serving a community of collectors, designers, and builders – both locally, throughout the United States, and Asia.

Our carefully curated collection of quality antique lighting moves from the early 19th and 20th centuries, though the Early Victorian, Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, Aesthetic, and Art Deco periods. With a grand collection of French Empire, Colonial, and Rococo Revival – we are committed to having the best of each style period, superbly restored in-house by our expert team. Our stock of early antique lighting has evolved greatly as we continue to specialize in this niche market, and in our opinion – has never been better.

A few notes on the restoration work we do at RENEW Gallery…

It is rare that people are able to find such a vast collection of high-quality antique lights; what makes us all the more unique, is that we fully restore and rewire our lights – bringing these fixtures back to their original splendor as they once were, in their own times – but obviously now fit for modern living.

Our restoration team is extremely passionate about what they do – their work is a craft unto itself. This truly painstaking form of artistry is complicated and dirty work that is all done by hand in our own workshop.

Whether re-pinning antique crystals one-by-one, or hand painting finishing details – we like to get things to get things just right. Our restoration process is of super importance to the integrity of our business, keeping us accountable and authentic to who we are and what we stand for. Ultimately, our aim is to give these beautiful items a second life, and continue their stories with you.