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Rodin Revisited at the Musée des Beaux Arts

'Rodin Revisited', an exhibit currently running at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts  in collaboration with the Musée Rodin in Paris, ‘has taken on the task of reintroducing Auguste Rodin to an audience that may consider, in Hughes’s words, “reproductions of The Kiss and The Thinker the very furniture of cliché.” … According to the show’s first didactic panel, the general public’s understanding of sculptural practice is lacking and “nourished by a great deal of confusion,” and this extends particularly to the little world contained within the studio of Rodin…this exhibition seeks to clarify what we do not know. It explicates the processes behind the experimental practices…Rodin’s interactions with his team of 50-odd assistants, among them live, nude models, clay beaters, mortar plashers, stone ... Read more

A Midnight Summer’s Dream Dinner Party

With the long days of summer coming up, we know that entertaining is always a little easier with more daylight on our side, and delicious summer produce… Our team got together and talked about our dream dinner parties… and of course the chandeliers we would enjoy them under… “My dream summer dinner is a meal of fresh seafood and delicious antipasto…. Maybe some fresh crab claws… We would have grilled corn and asparagus, and obviously some delicious meats and cheeses. The chandelier I would love to see glowing above the dinner table is my favourite piece by E.F. Caldwell, the Doré Bronze crystal chandelier. Its shape is so unique and it is such a high-quality piece… ... Read more

RENEW Gallery Plays Host to Your Special Events

Sometimes the local watering hole just won’t cut it (a blooming onion isn’t as classy as it sounds) – and let’s face it, you don’t really feel like asking Aunt Gladys’s if you can use her precious garden gazebo…again… RENEW Gallery is excited to announce it will now be renting out the main showroom for private events. We’ve played host to sit down dinners, cocktail parties, birthday surprises, speaking engagements and fundraisers – and now feel confidant to host YOUR special event. Enjoy the open concept of the RENEW Gallery showroom, and the glitter and glow of our turn of the century show-stopping chandeliers (no décor necessary) – or make the space into anything you so ... Read more
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