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A Midnight Summer’s Dream Dinner Party

With the long days of summer coming up, we know that entertaining is always a little easier with more daylight on our side, and delicious summer produce…

Our team got together and talked about our dream dinner parties… and of course the chandeliers we would enjoy them under…

“My dream summer dinner is a meal of fresh seafood and delicious antipasto…. Maybe some fresh crab claws… We would have grilled corn and asparagus, and obviously some delicious meats and cheeses. The chandelier I would love to see glowing above the dinner table is my favourite piece by E.F. Caldwell, the Doré Bronze crystal chandelier. Its shape is so unique and it is such a high-quality piece… perfectly light and twinkly for a summer’s eve – of course somehow by magic all of my best friends would be there to join me”. – Louisa

“My ideal summer’s night dinner party would consist of my family all around the dinner table with me, we would start outside in the back yard with oysters and white wine – then move inside for an Italian feast. I am a pasta lover – so some spaghetti and meatballs, crusty bread, a big salad and red wine would be it… If I could hang a light over this particular dinner it would have to be our gold Louis XVI Chandelier… it has richness and a glow to it that reminds me of big family celebrations”. – Judith

“Hmmm a fantasy summer meal would have to happen at our cabin on the Sunshine Coast – I would love to be able to catch our dinner in the lake – some fresh trout maybe, and grill it on the barbeque with some lemon and garlic. We could barbeque some asparagus and other fresh veggies… I also love sharing a fresh burrata with my family – that sounds perfect to me… The lights that suits a meal like this would be rustic, but well made, like our beautiful heart-patterned art nouveau light fixture attributed to Morreau. – Eric

“Well, I don’t have a proper refrigerator so all of my produce is bought daily… I would have a fresh tomato salad, with lots of garlic and chilli, and some mackerel… I like things very hot and spicy, and garlic keeps you healthy… I am a collector of these particular fixtures so we would have to enjoy dinner beneath our Longway aesthetic movement gas chandelier… that’s the light for me – and for the record, I use my good silver for every meal”. – Robert

What does your dream dinner party consist of? Tell us!



photo credit: Michelle Ford for RENEW Gallery